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  • Portan

    The world that the campaign take place on. Portan is largely a mystery to the inhabitants due to [[The Myst]] that circumvents the planet. The island nations of [[Byre]], [[Hamon]], and [[Iban]] have lived in peace for centuries.

  • Byre

    Byre is an island nation that has allied itself with the other known nations of the world, [[Hamon]] and [[Iban]]. Byre has a population of about 15,000 people, mostly humans. The majority of the population lives in the coastal capitol, [[Hume]]. The rest …

  • Hamon

    The island nation of the dwarves. Mostly known for its mining industry and its imposing mountain, [[Mt. Versu]], that protects the nation's underground stronghold, [[Bal'yre]] (Ball-ear). By far the most technologically advanced but its population pales …

  • Iban

    The island nation of the half-lings. They are currently in alliance with the other two nations of the region, [[Hamon]] and [[Byre]]. They have adopted the role of food providers due to their massive amount of land. The capitol was named [[Fod]] as a joke …

  • Fod

    Capitol city of [[Iban]]. The capitol was moved here to manage the export of food.

  • Hume

    The capitol city of [[Byre]] and is mostly known for its Castle, which is the center of politics. [[Queen Loralove]] meets with the Dwarven King, [[King Ricros]], and the Half-ling representative, currently [[Xavvan Silentall]] to discuss problems or …

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